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Algae in TIME Magazine!
“10 Foods That Pack a Wallop” appeared in the Jan. 21, 2002 – Jan. 27, 2002 issue of TIME Magazine

On Entertainment Tonight, Celebrity Hairstyles and Vanity Fair
Jennifer Aniston of TV sitcom “Friends” attributes the health of her hair and skin to daily consumption of AFA Blue-Green Algae.

Bluegreen Foods in “Help your body heal itself” appeared in the Jan. 12, 2009 issue of Woman’s World Magazine.“The algae reduces the inflammation that hinders stem cells from reproducing says Paula Bickford, Ph.D., research scientist at the James A. Haley veterans Hospital in Florida.”

“World’s Greatest Athlete” Dan O’Brian on AFA Blue-Green Algae!
“Before I started taking AFA, a full day of training would knock me out. Two weeks after I started taking it,I felt a noticeable difference in my energy, and I still do.”

Scientific Research – Exciting discoveries!
· Improves children’s academic performance
— 1995, Sevulla et al, Univ. Centro Americana
· Improves Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
— 1997 Jarratt, C, et al, The Center for Family Wellness, Harvard, MA
· Lowers cholesterol
— 199, Kushak, R et all (1999), American Chemical Society
· Reduces symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease
— 1985, Cousens, Orthmedicine, Vol. 8, p.1-2

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