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  100% Organic    Non GMO     Vegan    100-cruelty-free-organic-blue-green-algae-food-supplement-usa-home-icon  Cruelty Free   non-toxic-organic-blue-green-algae-food-supplement-usa  Non Toxic   made-in-united-states-of-america-afa-blue-green-algae-food-usa Proudly American

100% Organic Klamath Lake’s Blue Green Algae

Organic Blue Green Algae is one of nature’s most cleansing, nourishing, and regenerative food source. It’s unique, pristine growing environment ensures unparalleled purity and great mineral content. It energizes your body and helps your mind to focus more with one of the planet’s most complete, chlorophyll-rich super dietary supplement. 100% certified organic and easily available in Florida and California. Discounts are available on Blue Green algae bulk order.

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Health Benefits of BGA

Health Benefits of Blue Green Algae

• Helps you to increase concentration and enhances mental ability
• Great source to maintain stamina and boost your energy
• Fuels and improves body’s natural detoxification process
• Boosts your immunity system
• Rich in antioxidant- carotenids and chlorophyll
• Maintains and improves overall health
• Composed of 100% organic sources of concentrated vegan protein

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Organic blue green algae contain the broadest array of nutrients as compared to any other known algae. It also works in replacing the dysfunctional cells and promotes normal tissue and organ function. The most extraordinary study reveals that it not only makes your immune system stronger, it also helps in speeding up the healing process. If you are wondering where you can buy the best quality AFA blue green algae in California? Then contact us, we have a wide variety of products you can choose from. It consists of anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties which are proven to enhance the circulation of adult stem cells naturally.

Our supplements consist of 100% organic AFA blue green algae and have great mineral content. Scientific researches have shown that organic blue green algae is rich in cleansing, healing and energizing properties of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is also known to have anti-cancer properties.

Blue green algae are also known to possess a unique inhibitory which is known to reduce the absorption of sugar thereby reducing blood glucose. As it consists of more than 64 vitamins and minerals, organic blue green algae help in preventing any kind of cell damage. Its anti-inflammation properties help in preventing inflammation of cells.

When you think about buying quality AFA blue green algae bulk in Florida you can trust us to provide you the best. Browse through our unique collection of supplements each enriched with various vitamins to suffice various purposes.